The Time to Level Up in AI Was Yesterday

"AI won't take your job, but people who know how to use it will."

From a young age, I've been drawn to technology and innovation, a curiosity that has guided my journey into the world of artificial intelligence, especially Generative AI.

My ambition is to bring AI within everyone's reach, dispelling the notion that it's a luxury only deep-pocketed organizations can afford. I strive to remove the barriers that render AI exclusive, working to make it accessible for businesses of all sizes through thoughtful education and consulting.

AI Offerings
  • AI for All: I offer interactive and approachable trainings on everything from foundational AI concepts to prompt engineering to demonstrating how to build custom GPTs.
  • AI Consulting: If you're facing a challenge or have an idea, my blend of tech insight and business acumen can help. I focus on crafting high-quality solutions swiftly, ensuring they deliver strategic value.

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