Dojo Coaching or Bust

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."


I believe skills and behaviors become ingrained as muscle memory when learning is hands-on and contextualized so that it connects deeply with the learner.

This has been demonstrated with the bicycle. Even if it has been years since you have ridden a bicycle, you can usually pick it right back up without much thought. Now, think back to how you learned to ride a bicycle. Do you think the skill would be ingrained into your subconscious if you used a book or PowerPoint? Probably not. It is this intersection of learning and doing that makes learning stick. Many call this dojo coaching, as it is reminiscent of a martial arts dojo where muscle memory is developed.

I leverage dojo coaching principles in my coaching so fanatically that I have been referred to as a "dojo coaching pioneer" and "dojo coach thought-leader." If that isn't enough to prove my dedication, my first published book is all about helping coaches practice dojo coaching.

Coaching Offerings
  • Dojo Coaching Workshops:I offer timeboxed workshops for coaches who want a group learning experience with fellow practitoners.
  • Coaching for Coaches: I coach coaches on harnessing dojo coaching to create significant and lasting skill and behavioral development within their organizations.
  • Coaching for Teams: I intersect learning and delivery so that teams develop skills and behaviors that last. My areas of focus are tech, Agile, and product.
  • Coaching for Organizations: Similar to the above, except when I coach organizations I develop a self-fulfilling learning culture where continuous hands-on learning is the norm.

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