Jess Brock speaking at a conference

Conferences, Podcasts, etc.

I believe my innate ability to connect with most anyone enables me to deliver talks that make a lasting impression. I thoughtfully adapt each talk to best fit the audience. I aim to base messages on real stories and insights.

"Jess' expertise was matched by their ability to communicate ideas clearly and engage the audience with real-world examples and interactive discussions. Their genuine passion for the subject matter really stood out and their enthusiasm was infectious."
—Director, CGI, Inc.

Noteworthy Engagements:

Speaking Offerings

  • Engagements: I enjoy thought-provoking topics on tech, Agile, product, DEI, and AI. If you have an event that matches that description, let's chat!
  • Coaching for Speakers: If you are looking to become a speaker or improve your speaking skills, I'd be happy to help you with everything from submissions to session design to building your stage presence.

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